The Civilized Disaster

Some of our parishioners get these old billboard covers that a lot of people use as tarps and covers, for boats, cars – houses after hurricanes. This MacDonald’s billboard above made it to the local news, which is a fun story – people were stopping by to place orders. And it’s helping save the house from any further rain damage.

An Omelet is Born

I brought my propane camp stove and some propane canisters so Fr. John can prepare actual meals from time to time and not live on cold cuts and cookies.

It’s debatable as to whether or not what’s in the photo is an actual meal. It’s a rotisserie chicken omelet, with softened red onions and … a few other things.

It was to die for.

Thankfully enough of the rotisserie chicken survived the bribing of Little Cujo to make it into an omelet and it was a great excuse to get outside in a good way, eat healthy items, and have some fun. And once you get a hang of the camp stove you can prepare great things on it.

Don’t ask me how I know that.

Sometimes going in to help after hurricanes…

…is all about not only the obvious cleanup but bringing moments of civilized living back into the mix as well – after you put the plants back into place, pick up the roof shingles, take the laundry off the line, find a table to use, lug tree branches, pick up pottery shards, trudge all over creation in the sweltering 97 degrees in the shade heat, unseal windows, and convince Fr. John to go into the house with his dog snarling at the entry – and I am a dog-loving person fwiw – to get utensils, butter, plates.

It was fun a moment. I hope he has power soon, but if not I’m bringing a different coffee pot next week.

Sometimes a man just has to have his coffee.


The Rev. Kenneth Allen