The 365 Project


A succor is born every minute, and amidst so much to do I’ve fallen for it again.

faucet and sudz

The 365 project. Or, the project’s actual site.

Actually, quite a few of these sites exist, which I hadn’t realized.

Essentially, you take a photo everyday and post it into the online group. The idea is to get in the habit of daily photographs, to practice the craft of photography, to explore news ideas such as using a specific lens all of the time, exploring camera settings, light scenarios, etc.

But we’ll have to come back to that at some point. I keep getting the feeling that the Lord wants me to type up a story of some sort. So, it’s off to prayer.


Redbuds Abloom

Redbuds Abloom

There is soooo much going on around the Parish, and in my life in general, that I cannot find the time to write about much of it at any given point in time. And I have a few personal projects which need wrapping up this spring, which will take quite a bit of said time.

Be that as it may, keeping a weblog is sort of a necessity in this day and age, so I will need to devote at least some time and energy to it. I’ve put up a few links to others I’m in contact with, and will have to be adding some as time goes on.

Also, I don’t write about Church life (i.e. the Universal Church), as a rule, but am tempted to start commenting on that as the year progresses. #We’llSeeAboutThat

Splash, out.

Action Shots

At the Altar of God

At the Altar of God

I’d like to think I don’t look like this all the time during the middle of Mass. We needed some photos for an upcoming project, ran over to the Church and launched right into an impromptu photo shoot. It was sudden, fast, abrupt… and I kept chuckling. But, prayerfully.

At the Altar of God Redux

Fr. Kevin on the other hand, he’s a seasoned pro.


But seeing pics of the Church always brings me back to wanting to do a historic renovation. What did they do for light? And airflow? We have hanging ceiling fan/lights, and the fans come in very handy. So do the lights! It’s a place of mystery…

St. Jane in the Fog

Paella Day


Because it’s the end of summer, and because I’m cleaning and reorganizing everything from the ground up in general, and because I’m ready to tackle every project hanging over my head and conquer it victoriously… I’m cleaning up my dusty, musty website here.

In doing so, I found some old directories filled with photos for friends to look through. My site is filled with hidden directories where I send links for friends to look through photos…

One of them was for Paella Day. If you have to guess, some friends invited me over for paella. With all of the problems in the world today, sometimes it’s best to relish the simple joys of a meal with friends.

My photoshop skills make it look like something out of a 1970’s Dixie-Roto Magazine. But, what? I’m progressing slowly but surely in my mad photoshop skills.

tasty paella

Sort of.

I often imagine morphing my strange, photo diary of a website into something a bit more meaningful and insightful, like Daniel Greenfield, Lisa Graas, Fr. Z, or The Anchoress. But the reality is, that’s really not where I’m led in prayer at the moment. And I don’t have that level of political expertise, although I’m well informed and certainly have a world of opinions.

For now, I’m pleased to be cleaning things up, tying up loose ends, and bringing closure in many areas. Frankly, that’s where I’m at.