"Come, let us contrive a plot against Jeremiah…"

Some things never change.

Jesus shows us today that in some instances we have to walk through these politically/humanly contrived messes with some amount of dignity. On the other hand, he also adeptly avoided them on several occasions as well; always worth consideration.

I’ve been reading up on Souly Walking, two youths walking across the USA to spread the Gospel. It’s a helpful counterpoint to listening to news about the national political scene.

A New Plan

Every now and again in life we have to reconsider things — everything, even. I have a new plan that I’ll be praying my way through, and we’ll see what happens.

I really enjoyed this conversion story. It echoes my experience greatly.

Who Am I Kidding?

Sometimes, learning how to design a weblog is just not worth the effort. And in the interest of simplifying my life… here it is.

And aside from all of my worries over the appearance, that really doesn’t matter.   Because there’s no content. 

Time to fix that oversight.

Fr. Kenneth Allen