Saturday AM

Dave’ Ramsey’s optimistic take on keeping ourselves together during an economic downturn.

Bios of Keynes, Smith, Freidman, and Volker… shapers of the current economic system.

Protective ID sleeves because our credit / debit cards, driver’s licenses, etc, can be read by RDIF chip readers at just about any time, and anyone can get all of our info. Great. I ordered sleeves for my driver’s license and my passport.

Big Momma’s Chicken and Waffles deserves a link because… well, obviously one has to try it out.

Moving Along

Well things have been pretty so so of late. No inspired thoughts to jot down, and no newsy things to bring up. Guess I could just keep to an old fashioned weblog, sort of like tumblr. I.e., an easy way to get back to web history via tags and classes, of things you might actually want to see again.

We’ll see. For now I am busy learning bookkeeping 101 (Always comes in handy!) and well, just moving along.

Wednesday Morning…

Have been looking at online security again, and am interested in Privacy Crisis, a complete guide to living more securely.

In the exercise front, am looking at Tall Guys Ultimate Workout, a great program for men over 6’2.

From VISnews, the Vatican Information Service, on On St. Anselm .

“In St. Anselm’s view, then, a theologian’s work is divided into threes stages: faith, God’s gratuitous gift to be welcomed with humility; experience, which consists in incarnating the Word of God into daily life; and true knowledge, which is never the fruit of sterile reasoning but of contemplative intuition”.

Back Online

Well one thing has finally led to another and I have a new, very stable computer. No more crashes every hour!

It’s taking some getting used to, but in a good way. It’s a Mac.

At any rate, this is a great development.

Peace, out.


Calumny is defined by the Catholic Encylopedia (1917) as “Etymologically any form of ruse or fraud employed to deceive another, particularly in judicial proceedings. In its more commonly accepted signification it means the unjust damaging of the good name of another by imputing to him a crime or fault of which he is not guilty. The sin thus committed is in a general sense mortal, just as is detraction.

That means that if, say for instance, a Pastor spreads false rumors about his associate he is guilty of calumny. If one spreads any type of false rumors about another, they are guilty of calumny.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common forms of manipulation in religious life.

Coming up later… Detraction.