Coffee Klatch

Today’s photo for the 365 Project is my stupendous capture of a coffee mug. Isn’t beautiful, noble and grand? Yes, I know. Thank you, thank you!

Community Coffee Mug at the Frostop

Today is actually the first day of the project. The photo I uploaded yesterday wasn’t actually taken yesterday, and the exif data clearly reflects that. There’s no fooling anyone over at the 365 Project with silly post dating of photos!

Splash, out.

365 Project

I’m diving into the 365 Project, ready or not.

Winter Flowers

I call it “Progress, not Perfection.”

Winter’s been on the mild side and the flowers are loving it. A photograph a day will help develop some sort of skills aside from basic portraiture and snapshots (perhaps.) And it’ll be a fun little slice of priestly life on my sad little website.

Splash, out.