It’s almost Christmas…

It’s (almost) Christmas tiiiime, in the city….

Santa already seems to be everywhere.

santa downtown

There was an organ concert tonight at the Cathedral. It was great despite being a bit (well, extremely) brief due to the caroling about to take place out front. The Concert Choir also had a wonderful concert, though I have to confess to running a bit late. It’s interesting how many people turn around when the organ starts playing so beautifully.

organ concert

(Of course I would never take a photo while someone is playing… noise you know.)

The city at night….

a city at night

A beautiful evening.

jackson square

And to all a good night!

A Few Photos…

Well, lacking anything remarkable to post, such as well thought out homiletic notes which seem to be backlogged for a time now, why not just go photoblog … or to be fair, snapshot log.


I used to post photos back in the day as a ‘My Daily Walk’ sort of journal… here is the base of my chalice.

Just sights one encounters throughout a day, which are interesting…

But more often than not, just things which I encounter during my exercise walk…

These are some of my walks around the hood..

The sun goes down a bit too early it seems…, c’est la vie.