Subjects Matter

So, I started a 365 Project, which consists of documenting your life with one photo a day. I thought this would be easy.

Things started out with this one.

Airing out the Church

See, the A/C was out, and with the cooler north wind starting to blow in, I opened the doors before Mass to help cool the Church and to air out the tepid, damp, stale air of the day. The air was only tepid, damp and stale since the A/C was out, and the air outside was tepid and damp, and so so humid, as well.

It’s not a great picture, but it more or less sums up the day; and I like our Church. It’s homy and it’s comfortable. Well, it’s more comfortable when the A/C is not out, but that’s a separate story. And while purists may argue that a Church should not be homy and comfortable, but should be grand and regal, well…God bless them.

But I’ve noticed over at 365 project, that people are into taking these really cool photos, like, an awesome photo of the day project. And, if airing out the Church sums up my New Year’s Day, then I should probably rethink the whole issue and get out with my camera a bit more often. But on the other hand, I’m a Priest, and saying Mass is a highlight of the day. I did after all celebrate New Year’s Eve by concelebrating a midnight Mass.

Today, this was my photo.

rustic Christmas decor

It didn’t turn any heads. The only other possibility for today would have been this one.

mossy tree

It’s a mossy tree which I snapped during the 10 to fifteen minutes I had my camera with me.

Well, it’s part of the tree.

It’s… it’s… well…

This could go absolutely nowhere, I realize. I think the issue at hand will be, obviously, to find better subject matter.

I’ll keep you posted.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen