A Foggy Morning


I have this thing snapping pics out the window from my iPhone while driving to the Church.


It’s a long drive through the woods, though pretty in fog.

Fog and Steamy Kitchens

We photographers really have to stay on our toes for photo ops. So when the fog rolled in, I knew I had to hit the streets.

foggy night two

I can’t believe Time-Life and National Geographic haven’t called or e-mailed yet.  What’s up with that?

foggy night

This cake is awesome. I’m looking forward to making it again.

the cake

The tiny kitchen’s been good to me, and I’m really going to miss the place as I move on.

tiny kitchen

steamy kitchen

This was a sweet potato soup, helping keep some simplicity in the fore of the diet. I’ll have to work on the food styling.

creamy soup

And a friend recently showed me this creche set, which is exactly like the one that we grew up with. (Talk about bringing back some memories.) Sadly our’s did not survive, it was fairly delicate for two young boys. But seeing this one is amazing. Made in Germany, 1933.


The Rev. Kenneth Allen