First Contact – France

When in France… not surprisingly, no one speaks English here! Oh well, nothing like learning a new language.

My first meal and first Church in France. Wow.
DSCN0230 This was at La Couronne, and every bite of every dish was a marvelous new experience.

Having a GPS is great except for the fact that it’s entirely possible to get to your destination without really knowing where you are in the meantime. Hence the fact I’m not quite sure which Church this is. But it’s tres jolie, and the point is, the organ looked rather old, but sounded magnificent while the organist was doodling around.

Well, I will have to post it later, the file is too big. Off into the day!


The brief (yet large) video inside the Normandy Abbey.

Getting on with things…

I’ve been trying to sift through tons of papers and boxes, which has not gone very far I have to say! Things are in order, just organizing to sell, toss, move, file, … etc.

Around the web today… lots of food.

The Coffee Cottage, local and great, and even offering pastry classes now. I’m tempted to go to learn how to use a pastry bag, which has got to be a lot easier than it is when I am the one doing it.

That being said, this chocolate sour cream cake with peanut butter and cream cheese icing is about one of the easiest things to make without using a mix. I made it last year for a staff gathering, looks impressive, too. Here’s a photo linked from the Smitten Kitchen, which also has the recipe along with tips to make your life even easier while you make the cake.

And then, someone recommended that I try the restaurant Taillevent while in Paris. (Did I mention I’ll be in Paris a few days? I will, but probably won’t make it to Taillevent this time around.)

So I toured around a few more food blogs today:

The Pioneer Woman from a ranch woman’s pen, Chocolate and Zucchini, from Paris; David Lebovitz, Dorie Greenspan, and this great looking soup from 101 Cookbooks.

Then there’s Brownie Power. Can’t have too many brownies you know.

And actually, here’s an list of 50 Best Food Bloggers which is quite useful.

Yeah, I do enjoy foods. We are a banqueting people, as one my mentors once said.

But for now, off to organize a bit more and get a some work done.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen