Here We Go Again III

Well, after much thought and prayer over the last 20 minutes, I’ve decided to change the name back to “Confessions of a 21st Century Priest”.

But I wholeheartedly reserve the right to change my mind again over the weekend. After I work on my Homily a lot, and take care of some important business matters of course.

Here We Go Again II

Ok, I changed the name of my blog again. From “Confessions”, to “The Confessional Chronicles”.

I don’t know about this.

But we all know that being an INFP means that I like to take time making prayerful decisions about these kinds of things (or everything for that matter.) I’ve written about this before. Drives ENTJ’s crazy.

I’ll probably change it again. Before I start a Facebook Page, I thought it should have a decent name. There’s no way on earth I would change the whole site to a new domain! But typing into the Setting Dialogue Box… that I can handle.

Hit me up with any thoughts. Ciao.

Here We Go Again

  1. I’ve come full circle.

    And, I’ve changed the name of my blog again. Way back in the day, in 2002, I started a weblog called “Confessions of a Catholic Seminarian“. It was originally here.

    It was mildly popular until one day, with the pressures of formation, I decided I absolutely without a doubt could not have an anonymous blog.

    It was downhill from there.

    I realized everything I wrote would no doubt be reviewed by the formation committee. And they without a doubt had never heard of a blog back in 2002, and I felt doomed. Doomed I tell you. It was a horrible, dark feeling, and I did not like it.

    Then I accidentally erased everyone’s comments.

    It just wasn’t pretty.

  2. Then in 2006, after recovering a bit from Katrina (which I have strangely never blogged about. Hmmm….) I started a blog here and called it “Confessions of a Catholic Priest”. It died a hideous death in the trenches of spiritual warfare. It’s part of a dark and horrible chapter of my life that I feel compelled to write about, and to share with someone. Anyone.

  3. I’m very rude to you my readers, and I apologize. Why bother keeping a blog if there’s no content for readers and visitors?

  4. Well, there are good reasons I tell you. And they would include

    • to practice writing
    • to help spread the Gospel
    • I’m not sure what other reasons are at the moment, but they’re there
    • .

  5. Blogging is obviously not my forte. That’s pretty obvious, and I’m sure you don’t need me to explain that to you.

  6. Thank you for being here, I promise I’ll try harder to generate content.

    In fact, this is an exercise in content generation. Isn’t it fascinating?

  7. It’s not? Oh.

  8. I’m considering writing my autobiography and publishing it here in installments. I’ve kept threatening to fill out my ‘About’ section and have never gotten around to it. That or at least the story of my Priesthood.

    It’s been an incredible journey so far. An unbelievable one.

    In fact, at times it’s hard for me to believe.

  9. I can’t stand when people use the word ‘Journey’ to describe things like the trajectory of their Priesthood. But it’s different when I use it. (MmHmmm.) I’m not into process theology either, but I can use the word ‘process’ with the best of them. It’s a process of understanding I’m in, within the journey that I’m on.

  10. For whatever reason, I am not listed in the latest copy of “The Catholic Directory“.

    Heads are going to roll!

Well. That’s that.


une salade

When I decided to take up photography, I was coming to terms with the fact that taking up cooking causes weight gain. However, the immediate result of having a camera was that I then took pictures of lots of food.

It’s a long story; it’s best left for another time.

olde carre

Cleaning out old photos, I noticed a few stragglers I had meant to post but never got around to. And I hardly had time to post all 5,000 of them.

Here’s an auto that showed up on Easter Sunday; I was quite taken with it’s beauty and have about a thousand pictures of it.

Food is a lot easier to compose in a photo then is an antique car against the backdrop of a school building. I’ll have to consider that.


And here is the church steeple as twilight approaches. We have a very modern architecture here; and it works very well.

a wedding

I took my shot at photographing a wedding, and decided to stick with playing the organ and, even better yet, presiding.


A beautiful statue of Mary was in the Sanctuary.

And for now, it’s off to sleep; only so much time in a day…

The Rev. Kenneth Allen