The Fragrance of Christ

?”Thanks be to God, who unfailingly leads us on in Christ’s triumphal train, and employs us to diffuse the fragrance of his knowledge everywhere! We are an aroma of Christ for God’s sake, both among those who are being saved and those on the way to destruction; to the latter an odor dealing death, to the former a breath bringing life.”

I love the imagery in this quote from 2 Corinthians. We are as incense for Christ, of Christ… only much more profound.

In a profound change of imagery, this happened to me the other day:

screen shot

Poor Jen. Whoever she is.

And in important developments:

  1. I joined the Catholic Writer’s Guild
  2. I made some plans for an upcoming trip I’m getting excited about.
  3. In fact, the trip is to the Writer’s Guild Conference. I’m hoping to go before they realize I’m not much of a writer and cancel my membership. I have things to learn, and am looking forward to it.
  4. And, I changed the name of my weblog once again.

  5. I like the word ‘chronicles’.

    Via; “a chronological record of events; a history.’

    And that’s about all this site is.

  6. Name changes drive ESTJ’s crazy.

Fragrance is very powerful, and often very subtle; a notion worthy of contemplation.

Here We Go Again II

Ok, I changed the name of my blog again. From “Confessions”, to “The Confessional Chronicles”.

I don’t know about this.

But we all know that being an INFP means that I like to take time making prayerful decisions about these kinds of things (or everything for that matter.) I’ve written about this before. Drives ENTJ’s crazy.

I’ll probably change it again. Before I start a Facebook Page, I thought it should have a decent name. There’s no way on earth I would change the whole site to a new domain! But typing into the Setting Dialogue Box… that I can handle.

Hit me up with any thoughts. Ciao.