The Red Tree

the red tree

The 365 Project continues.

I snapped some photos through the day, and the big things happening today were a fiesta for Fr. Bob, who is the alumni of the year at Holy Cross School, and the Saints game.

This red tree is down the street from a friend’s house where I watched the Saints game. Dunno why it’s red. Didn’t want to ask when they came out to marvel at my taking a picture of it. Didn’t have any other pics to post, even though I tried to make this a bit interesting and artsy. I tried!

I was tempted to use this. It’s a light bulb that reminds me of an old TV show from the 60’s called the Prisoner. There’s a huge white bulb type thing which comes up from the sea, and… that’s about all I remember because I never did like the show. For some reason it also reminds me of Dr. Who.

But, the Red Tree it is for today’s exercise.


Splash, out.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen