Being INFP

I’ve brought up the Myers-Briggs personality type assessment recently because it’s the most widely used personality type system in the world and is used by many businesses, universities, churches, etc., to help understand each other’s differences, and one’s own preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.

For Example

I’m an INFP, which is uncommon, especially in men. I can be difficult to get to know, write a lot, am good with the big picture, irritated by the details, etc. I can postpone important work to make it more of an adventure when I finally get around to it under pressure.

It’s insightful and can be very helpful. Beyond that there’s quite obviously our life in Christ, putting on the new man, and cherishing the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

So many videos on YouTube,

So little time.

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If you are an INFP, it means that you are an introvert who is passionate, idealistic, sensitive, curious, adaptable and imaginative. For you, what you feel is what’s real and important. You tend to let your heart be your guide in your decisions. You seek to be authentic and true to what you feel is “right”.

And because everything has a dark side… we’re not always great when we’re super stressed, or when you’ve finally poked the bear too much.

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The shadow half of INFP comprises Fe, Ni, Se, and Ti. These shadow functions form a kind of negative version of the ENFJ. Carl Jung’s conception of the shadow was mostly attributed to the inferior function which he believed was host to much of the negative emotion, and unwanted aspects of ourselves that we try to repress.

We’re seen as peculiar. 🙄 But we’re actually a treasure.

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I prefer reading Scripture, Adoration, meditation, and contemplation. The daily task of praying the Divine Office, while a beautiful treasure, is also the type of highly structured routine that does not resonate with me, and a struggle. I prefer the Extraordinary Form, which is essentially a more introverted prayer for the Priest.

I’m going to be learning more about it for continued ed, and also working reading, studying and praying with Catholic spirituality – which I was doing prior to the Extraordinary Form arriving at St. Jane and had to learn – a lot.

I pray all are well. Lot’s of people are coming down with the Covid, they all are saying it’s not that bad. One was out mowing lawns in Bush. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Whatever works!



The Rev. Kenneth Allen