the bikeI love cycling, and back in ‘ought 6 (2006), when I was being treated for asthma after inhaling post-Katrina black mold and flood dust, one of my doctors told me that if I didn’t swim or ride a bike regularly I’d be on oxygen by the time I was 70. That was all I needed to hear. I miss being able to do laps in the pool, and even more so collapsing into the hot tub afterwards, but living right along a major bike route cannot pass up the opportunity to ride often.

Today the ride was pretty un-compelling. For lack of any motivation at all, I just got on the bike and rode to the lake and back, so I could chalk it up as done, and to reap whatever benefits I might reap. I’m at the point where I can ride 20 miles without thinking about it, 30 with some prep, and 50 with trepidation but not alarm. The weather was cooler than the thermostats read, gloomy, overcast, with a heaviness in the air, as if the sky might burst open at any moment or, as if rain drops might just materialize directly from the heavy humid air itself. Silently wishing I had never left the comfort of home and simultaneously giving thanks for being in the great outdoors, it eventually did start to rain about 3 blocks from home. Saturday was 10 miles, Sunday was 20, today was 20. Stretch time.

Still, excessive aerobic training without strength training can lead to a high body fat percentage, which is where I am overall. Hence the renewed focus on strength training. But that’s another story, for another time.

Deadlift for Total Body Strength

deadliftsI’ve been out of town for a week and boy are my arms tired. And my legs. And my mind and my spirit. But it’s been a great week in so many other areas. Still, despite lots of walking, planking, some resistance band workouts, body weight exercises and stretching, there was not a lot of time or space to really feeling worked out.

Add to that the fact that several of the Priests I was staying with are exercise nuts as well. I felt good about that, and an affirmation to take the time needed for fitness and good health. In fact one of them is a Bishop who decided when he turned 50 that he could no longer simply run marathons, he needed the physical diversity of triathlons. #WINNING

A lot of my friends workout, some big time, some just to keep fit. Only one keeps a blog about it (that I know of at this point,) and his strength training regimen is driving me nuts. In a good way though, as in it motivates me to take it more seriously and to truly just get back into it for the sheer enjoyment it brings. deadlift form (And I say that in full recognition that the enjoyment it brings only comes after some hard work and commitment.) Since I started chatting with him online he’s put on 20 pounds of lean body mass, while I’ve walked all over creation, ridden my bike everywhere else, and have been slowly working back into proper form with gym lifts, and then this week feel like I’ve put on a few pounds. So, I’m feeling like a couch potato tonight, despite all the good thats been going on around here.

Which brings me to the point of this post, which is simply to post a link to an article on deadlifting, which is linked from Dan John’s site.

And then there are the top Google hits for deadlifting…

How to Deadlift
Deadlifting via Lean it Up
Via Men’s Health
Via Muscle and Fitness.

(The program I was using that got me started on the deadlift years ago is the Tall Man’s Ultimate Workout, which basically emphasizes the big lifts, Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.)

Splash, out.

Fr. Kenneth Allen