Music at St. Mary's

I love this Pie Jesu, by Duruffle.

Organ at St. Mary's

This photo was taken after everything was done and right before I left. I realized I had left the lights on upstairs, and had to take another hike back up to the top.

But, this morning I played the Duruffle Pie Jesu on this organ, which is about three stories up and a block away from the string players and the soloist.

ST. Mary

It’s the kind of challenge I thrive on. St. Mary’s Assumption is a beautiful church, by the way.


Lots of stairs were involved.

All Seeing Eye

What is this way up at the top of the arches, high above the sanctuary? An all seeing eye looks over the Church… Makes one wonder, it does.

St. Mary

It was a beautiful, prayerful, and musical morning in the Church.

St. Louis #3

I followed up with a trip out to St. Louis Cemetery #3, and found the gravesite of Margaret Haughery.

But that’s another story, for another time…

Getting Ready for the New Mass Translation

John Michael Talbot speaks about music he is writing for the new translation of the Mass.

Pray Tell is a fun weblog which seems to be offering a lot about the upcoming Mass translation changes.

And I only say that after coming across an article about Michael Joncas, who’s writing a new musical setting for the Mass.
John Michael Talbot
Here is a version of the Lord’s Prayer, by Joncas. It’s a 4 part, Russian Orthoxdox meeets John Rutter type of treatment. (Well… it is.)

And then there’s Sing the New Mass from the folks over at World Library Publications.

Sylvane at Easter You can preview their offerings there.


Feeling Fluish… Just the Weblog of late… Out and about, so to check out:

Five conservative women bloggers

Catholicism Computes; interesting blog, plus has the great WordPress plugin for Catholics – Catholic Reference Extension which I, admittedly, have not gotten around to actually plugging in.

The Recovering Choir Director promises future leisure reading. I can relate to being a recovering choir director / organist / sacred musician and now, recovering priest: it’s brutal on the front lines! The gates of hell are no place to spend an eternity.

I’ve been Twitterring up a storm, but am now contemplating Friend Feed; the front lines often extend to social networking too, of course.

World news: The drama continues over Obama’s Birth Certificate. Sheesh…. what’s the big deal about a birth certificate? Most of us keep them handy, we take them when evacuating for storms, etc. Why expect any less from the president?

A new NASA study demonstrates that Solar Cycles are responsible for past warming, not mankind.

Just for fun: A Blonde-Star rescue call.

A cop confiscates marijuana, then bakes it in brownies and is calls 911 reporting his overdose.

Off to heal…