Our Fair

Just in time for cooler weather, here are some of the Photos from the Fair!

The Chicken Lady

Ansel Adams I’m not.

at the fair

But what can I say? I don’t live anywhere near Yosemite and all it’s natural splendor (though I’d love to spend as much time there as Ansel Adams did.)

But I do live here, where we have great fairs!

at the fair

It was a lot of fun.

at the fair

We all had a beautiful time.

at the fair

I’ll have to reorganize the gallery at some point in the coming week; I wanted to post the pictures for our fair workers, but I’m sure someone will say “What in the world is my picture doing on the internet!?”. But seriously, it’s 2011 already!

So head on over and check out our fair. It’s a great blessing to the community here, and worlds of fun!

The Rev. Kenneth Allen