The Great Gumbeaux Cookoff


After the Election Drama of the last year ( which is certainly ongoing…), we had a great day at the Knight’s of Columbus Regional Gumbo Cookoff. The winner will be going on to the State Championship.

I’de like to find out where that is because, based on the tasting here, there is going to be some pretty good gumbo there.

Congrats to St. Anselm’s K of C Council on their Regional win, and congrats to all who participated!

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The Mangy Manger

Not mangy at all

First of all, let me say that this manger is not mangy at all. The title was just a little alliteration and used to describe the great guys inside the manger, who built it as a labor of love.

But what a mangy crew!


Abita Springs is such a great town. I always think that Alfred Hitchcock would have loved it here. It’s a down to earth place, where people get to know one another, and no one is afraid to be eccentric, and no one is afraid to be holy.


The Manger Scene is coming along; a few reflection issues here in the morning shade, before the inside lights are connected, to highlight the construction crew.

Reflections Again


The figurines were ordered from Italy, and came in boxes saying “Made in China”, a bit of international flair there, and they are beautiful.


In the meantime, our gardening club freshened up all of the gardens for the Christmas Season. They’re so great.

My camera’s UV lens has some issues going on with it evidently, all of the clouding here and there.

I worked inside all day, took a long walk, and knocked out the mounds of paperwork that go along with pastoral duties. What would life be without paperwork? Bills? Taxes?

It’d be a foretaste of heaven no doubt. But until then…

Jesus Christ is very strong here. That’s a great thing.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen