Organo Pleno

I interrupted my reading of Evangelii Gaudiem, which is achingly slow going due to work demands anyway, to tend to even more work today. And in the big news this morning, our new organ was delivered. It’s an Allen Bravura series, and it’s a beauty.

organo pleno

An electronic organ is the best bet for this space. A number of music friends have tried to talk me into a pipe organ, which is ideally my first choice; but our choir loft is tiny as it is, and it’s difficult to imagine a pipe organ in this small space. At least if you’re also going to have a choir.


Everything is hoisted up by a crane … In this case hand cranked.


Piece by piece.


It’s gently lifted over the edge of the loft.


And the speakers were put together.


Delivery down. Installation is a go tomorrow. If I never blog again it’s because I’m practicing once more.

Splash, out.


We’re all about projects here, in our missionary outreach to the world. We need to witness that we’re movers and shakers; we have dominion over our environment. We know how to get things done!

Still, there are a thousand things not done yet, while we plan out our Soup Kitchen and missionary outreach to the poor and the homeless.  And minister to everyone in the Parish.

empty house

There’s the ‘Finish Moving into the Rectory” Project.


The “Get This Copier That Came w/ the New Rectory Out of the House Project”.  It works beautifully and is full color, btw, if you’d like to own it. I should have a giveaway.

Barre Center

The nowhere in the near future “Finish This Side of the Campus” project.

Virgen de Guadalupe

The “Refinish Our Lady of Guadalupe Project”, which is butting heads with the ongoing “Garden Project.”  Both of these are extremely interesting by the way, and I’ll have to update them both so you can see how they’re progressing.

The Garden

Then, there’s simply “The Garden Project”.  I think it’s fallen flat on it’s face for the moment.  But we’re getting there.

There’s no stopping the powerhouses behind “The Garden Project.”

Bill Painting

The “Keep Christ in Christmas” Project is up and going, and Bill is a great help for that.  Here he is painting away to keep everything spruced up and looking good.

The Choir Loft

The “We’re Getting a New Organ and Have to Clean up the Choir Loft Project” is moving along just swell.  Ray is fantastic with this kind of thing, and here he is finishing up the electrical work, after installing the flooring.

Miss Thelma

In the midst of all of these project inspections I met Miss Thelma,  who assured me I had not met her before.  She is a bit over 90, and drove herself to Church to get the Bulletins and new Misallete.  I must have met her before though. She has a wonderful history here, and her family is a lifelong fixture in Abita Springs.  Her father had a land grant, and helped build many historic building around town,  including the roof and ceiling of our Church.


Then there’s this project.  

Pray for me.

Fr. Kenneth Allen