Happy Easter!

In the Extraordinary Form ~

And in the Ordinary Form ~

And anywhere in between. May the joy of the Risen Christ be with you, upon you, around you, and lead you to glory everlasting.


Laying Foundations


There’s a cold front coming through here out of the blue. I was feeling chilly, having chills, and fearing the worst when I noticed the weather was simply changing. I still don’t feel great. But – praise God for the glorious skies.

We had internet put into place both at St. Micheal and at St. Jane. (Gosh this place needs a ton of work.)

Some Parishes are prerecording their live streams – we’re not. We throw caution to the wind, hit “Record”, and pray!

Who’d have thought that instead of preparing for the Triduum and the many events in the last days of Lent which we’re certainly still doing – we’d be learning how to live-stream and communicate an abundance of information to you without seeing most of you at any point at all. Go figure!

This cold front though. So nice. So odd. So April.


A Video.

Today’s message, a message on Faith.

Because this is a personal blog, I have to say, video production is a bit tedious. It’s simple, and it should be even more simple than it is, but for now, this will have to do. By the time I get the technicalities straight, as poor as they are, I’ve forgotten what I want to say.

But everything is staying in place, and it’s a matter of redoing it and getting a few things right here and there. Day after day, after day. Because now we have at least until April 30 – not that it’s a surprise.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Strive for holiness.


The Rev. Kenneth Allen