Spillway Redux

That was then…

Spillway before opening

This is now…

Spillway drying out

With a few wet moments in between.

a lovely moment as the water swells

It started out kinda slow…

more agua

And the river got higher,

spillway filled

And higher and higher,


until it was a regular flood.

so much water...

I don’t know why I was so fascinated with it. But I definitely was.

To make a long story short, it’s prime crawfish territory now.

Etouffe anyone?

Gone with the … River

la rive

A few trips to the spillway this week, the latest this evening.

measuring rod

The water has risen drastically in the past week, and it has a long way to go.

the spillway, pre spill

An interesting thought…


Always in the back of discussion here….

Is whether the river will change course.

les cranes

And eventually flow down the Atchafalya basin; a much steeper decline to the Gulf.

roadway in agua

Guess we’ll see.

c'est le meme

If that happens…

les pecheurs

Well… Guess we’ll see.

Splendor In the Spillway


We have here some overly photoshopped snaps (forgive me, it’s a learning curve thing; I was playing around with ‘camera raw’ and ‘luminance’ and, well, it’s definitely a different look;) I took the other day while driving through the Spillway. It’s always interesting to see how high the water is getting in the spring.

Perhpas I’ve got a low threshold of excitement in my life.

More info on the Bonnet Carre Spillway here and here.

The Spillway

C’mon, admit it. It’s interesting!

splashes of water

Most of the spillway has concrete walls this high. The river is right at this level at the moment, you can see water splashing over the top and down the middle where this board is missing. Behind you can see a sliver of a large blue and red ship that’s out in the river.

flowing waters

Towards both sides of the spillway the concrete is lower, and the river is already flowing in through the wooden planks. It’s a lot more water than it looks like.

an embarrasingly overly photoshopped photo

I don’t know what I was thinking while I was playing with photoshop. And I don’t know what convinced me I had the time to play with photoshop.

But, we see here the water flowing towards the road, where it goes under in small rivulets.

raging waters

Small rivulets that pack a mean punch. I’ve seen guys on the other side of the road where these come out, holding fishing nets to catch some of the many, many fish that flow downriver each year and end up swimming through the spillway. It’s unbelievable how many fish they get doing that. Stunning, I tell you!

The dirt roads into the interior are starting to be closed off. These birds don’t seem to mind a bit.

It can get dramatic.

These streams pick up some steam as they head over to the lake.

A big question after Katrina was, why they didn’t open the spillway to let the water flow out of the lake?

The lake is lower than the river! Otherwise the spillway wouldn’t work very well.

A splendid oak tree in the spillway. It's definitely a water oak.

A water oak… lovely and serene. The spillway’s a lively place. And it’s about to see a lot more water.

Oh, and here’re some great views from an experienced photographer:


The Rev. Kenneth Allen