The Never Ending Saga of the Church Paint Colors

The last time the Church was painted, the main colors used were a beige and a blue. But, when the beige was put up on the walls, it ended up looking kind of pink.

2012-11-01 15.50.08

Also, the lighting used ended up making the colors look a little differently than they might in, say, your home.  The light fixtures there use 6 bulbs each on the top, then one shining downward.  Up until last week, they used 6 – 150 Watt bulbs, which were 2700K color temperature (which is kind of yellow.)

We changed them to use 6 100 Watt bulbs, with a color temperature of 3000K, which is recommended for artwork, and the bulb shining down is 3500K, which is a more white light, and better for reading.

Now all of the colors look different though, so we don’t know which colors to paint the church.  Again.

Maybe Benjamin Moore’s historic line?

revere pewter

Maybe their Thunder, with Chatworth Cream?

Maybe something from Valspar’s National HIstoric Trust line… Cherokee Tan?

Paint Sample

I love their Nation Historic Trust colors, they have a presence to them which an ordinary off white would not have.

Valspar colors

I don’t know, really, it’s giving me a headache. But it’s going to be interesting…

The Novena to St. Jane – August 4-12

Saint Jane de Chantal

O Glorious saint, blessed Jane Frances, who by the fervent prayer, attention to the Divine Presence, and purity of intention in they actions attainedst on earth an intimate union with God, be now our advocate, our mother, our guide in the path of virtue and perfection. Plead our cause near Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, to whom thou wast so tenderly devoted, and whose holy virtues thou didst so closely imitate. Obtain for us, O amiable and compassionate saint, the virtues thou seest most necessary for us; an ardent love of Jesus in the most holy Sacrament, a tender and filial confidence in His Blessed Mother, and, like thee, a constant remembrance of His sacred Passion and death. Obtain also, we pray thee, that our particular intention in this Novena may be fulfilled.

V. Pray for us, O holy St. Jane Frances.

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

O almighty and Merciful God, Who didst grant blessed St. Jane Frances, so inflamed with the love of Thee, a wonderful degree of fortitude through all the paths of life, and wast pleased through her to adorn Thy Church with a new religious Order, grant, by her merits and prayers, that we, who sensible of our weakness confide in Thy Strength, may overcome all adversities with the help of Thy heavenly Grace, through Christ our Lord. Amen

The Rev. Kenneth Allen