Steak and Bake


Over the years I’ve scraped together my pennies, saved up and otherwise cut expenses, well, for many reasons. One of those reasons is so that occasionally I can afford a nice meal out somewhere. For the last several Christmases, I’ve gotten together with my friends Barbara, and Fr. John, as we all are in similar Christmas schedules and get together later in the day, with a minimum of fuss, dishes, prep time, etc. And for Christmas, I don’t think we spend a dime more than we would otherwise after all is said and done.


I mean, the lump crab salad alone is amazing.


Barb is a dear friend, who’s stood by me through thick and thin, who helped care for my mom in her illness as I was approaching ordination, and who has great choice in restaurants for Christmas day.  When she said she had made reservations for Ruth’s downtown at 3:45, I knew it would be a great choice.


Fr. John is a great friend.  He’s another one of my Priest friends who claims he’s an introvert, though I have serious doubts about that.  Still, he’s pensive and earnest.

Our server here said she was from a small , private Catholic school on the Northshore, that we had probably never heard of.  I said, “Well, …. SSA!”  Like… d’oh.   Her jaw actually dropped.  I guess they get a lot of tourists here, or otherwise non Northshore folk.


See. Fr. John has his pensive moments.


After that we retired to the Roosevelt, which is a festive place to have an after dinner drink.  And if someone you’re dining out with has been inexplicably lavish enough to have a room for the night, and not only a room, but a suite…  then by all means (it’s a long story, but sensible.)  Bring Christmas presents!  Settle in and have an enjoyable evening.

It was a one of a kind, and lovely, evening.  The perfect ending for a prayerful day.



Fr. Kenneth Allen