"What Concern is it of Yours?"

I love that quote. John 21:22.

It’s just that we so often (and by ‘we’ I am euphamistically referring to ‘me’; and not in the royal sense, but in the sense that I’m of course better than everyone else, [not!]) so where was I again…

We so often get concerned with everything *but* the things we actually need to be concerned with. Peter just gets the word he’ll be killed for JC, and sees John strolling along the peaceful sea shore. Who wouldn’t wonder if there’s a better option? An easier way?

Anyway. It’s in the reading today and I had a moment of spare time. I guess I should unregulate blogging from my spare time and pursue it a bit more intentionally. Perhaps.

What concern is it of yours? We wonder upon so much in life…

We only have to worry about doing the ‘next thing right’; not the ‘next right thing’, anyway.

Peace out, off for a small hike.

The Rev. Kenneth Allen