Strange Nights


It occurred to me yesterday that I had written about the ‘great shots’ I got from the Natchez. I’m nothing if not optimistic. Still, there’s something I like about night shots.


And let’s face it, not everyone sees this view everyday; especially not me.

The wind was incredible last night, and the temperature is dropping into the 40’s here overnight.

night shot

Night shots have a freaky aspect that I like.


And the colors get a bit bizarre.

from the boat

Although, river boats sit alarmingly close down to the water.

towards the crescent city

I thought today a lot about John de Brebeouf and Isaac Jogues, and companions, the Canadian Martyrs with whom we pray today. I envied them for having lived in simpler times, and in a time when spiritual lines were much more clear. Then I grew in envy of them for living in Canada, where it was undoubtedly so much cooler, since I love colder weather. My silent resentment built when I thought about how they had died a martyrs’ deaths so nobly, when it was clear that it may very well happen.

And then, I thought about all of my silly resentments, and prayed for the Truth to be shown to me.

And I fell in love with life all over again.