A Day at the Sea

The Sea

The sea can be pretty much anything hereabouts. In this case it’s the Mississippi Sound, from earlier this week, where Zeta just blew ashore tonight.

I’ve been back out with the camera more and more. I really need to work on my photography skills. So much to photograph around here, so little skill.

Look at that – such a potentially interesting photo, yet so unremarkable. Like the one below:

I love this little place. The good sisters here have made it into a tiny gem sparkling in the depths of the deep green forest. It deserves to be photographed much better than this.

Reading at the moment Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castles.

It can easily be read in a few hours, but it’s enjoyable to slow down and savor her words. Linguistically she’s a lot of fun, her personality is remarkable fresh and engaging.

She speaks often of being recollected, which today we would probably call composure, or being composed. For her, composure is has a greater depth than we might consider in mere psychological terms. The spirit is conformed to the will of the Lord, and recognizes his great majesty – being conformed to the will of the Lord is not a chore or a burden. It’s freeing, to be who we fully are and to walk, work, and speak in confidence.

Her work is much more than that also, it’s a masterpiece in spiritual literature. But being away right now is the perfect time to be doing some spiritual reading. My director has been encouraging me into more Adoration also, which was – oddly – difficult to do at the Parish. It wasn’t a matter of being busy, really. I’ll write more about that in my own book, which may or may not be written, as the Lord wills. As Teresa often said, “I am too stupid to do such things.”

I’m leaning towards redoing this blog, getting it into shape, and perhaps moving on. Before I do though, I want to finish learning about SEO, readability, etc. It’s not much, it’s just a matter of learning it. I’ll probably put in a lot of the photos I took over the years while redoing things at St. Jane because those are quite interesting.

In the meantime, the power’s out from Zeta, and I am off to do some reading.

Stay well and be great.


Holy Fire

holy fire

First Friday, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

holy fire

A Super Moon

A few shots I took of the Super Moon the other day from the Riverwalk in New Orleans. I’m not the best…. but practice makes perfect, and I’m still all about the practicing of art. In reality, I’m more of a snapshot taker than a photographer. I hope to grow as the Lord may wish; perhaps this was more my own desire than His.







On La Familia de Jesus, and Using the “Gallery” Feature

Las Familias

I noticed the other day that WordPress now has a “Gallery” feature. How long it’s had this, I do not know… I’ve posted galleries before from plugins, but not from WordPress itself.

It’s these types of things which make me such a compelling blogger.

At any rate, here are a few pix from my recent visit to Peru, visiting La Familia de Jesus, supporting a vocation from our Parish. Wonderful country, beautiful people, and a great experience overall.

I promise to write more about this experience.

Mental note: when using the Gallery feature, it may be best to use the caption feature as well.

Day 2, of 365

framboise label

So, I’m under the weather, but am continuing my 365 Project of a photo a day. Lord knows if I’ll keep posting them here. But I do hope to keep up with the project.

Picture # 2

And Lord knows I have zero use for alcohol in my diet. But it ostensibly made for a better picture.

It’s just a picture — an excercise. I liked the lines in it and thought it would look a bit retro. Not really, but, it’s what it is for Day #2.

And, because I can never leave anything alone and have to play around with it interminably, I ended up with this somewhat bizarre shot:

Bottle and Curtains

And to update this even further… the shot ended up looking like this.


Which is of course why I never end up seeing these things through. I’m far too thorough with everything, and think everything needs to be perfect. But I have to let go of that mindset (once again,) because one can only get so much done in the world on their own. And, I have other things to do.

Pray for me.

Splash, out. +

The Rev. Kenneth Allen