Christ the Healer

I’ve been getting therapy.

Physical Therapy that is, for the knee injury I had last spring.

Of course the knee didn’t bother me at all during my epic walk through Spain on the Camino de Santiago. The physician instructed me in the finer points of … well, the fact that I need to stretch more often and strengthen my back, because my knee is just fine.

To that end I’ve been going to Renew Physical Therapy, where everyone is great, extremely nice and kind, and extremely professional. We’re doing all the things I worried that I should be doing last spring.

My PT, Chris, was also telling me that he ended up being a Basketball Coach over at St. Joseph Abbey Seminary College. And today, he showed me this great video via Mundelein Seminary, which shows their basketball team, and a part of the tournament.

St. Joseph Seminary College is about 8 miles north of our Parish, over at the Benedictine Abbey. This Parish used to be administered by Priests from the Abbey, until about 10 years ago, and many of our Parishioners still volunteer there, baking bread, selling gifts, building coffins.

But the tournament as evidently somewhat grueling, as our team had to play soon after getting off the bus, etc. The game went into sudden overtime with a three point shot as the buzzer rang…

The video is beautifully produced, and a profound reflection upon the Priesthood.

But the kicker… we kicked their butts in overtime.

Go Ravens!

The Rev. Kenneth Allen