On the Third Day

Sweet Petunia

Photo for the day, for my Project 365, wherein I post a photo a day for a year.

It’s a petunia out in the garden, taken as I was moving plants around for the cold weather blowing in.

Similar to the photo posted yesterday, it was taken the day before I actually posted it on my photo-a-day-photo-shoot-extravanganza.

But I’m guessing that’s OK, and that the project 365 police aren’t going to come after me for being a day behind on this. Because … I’m not really a day behind. I’m early, and have been planning ahead.

Tomorrow on the other hand, will find that I’ve taken zero pictures today, and will have it’s own photo of the day at which point we’ll be all caught up, and everybody can breath a sigh of relief and stop stressing out over this entire issue. (Not that anyone was of course.)

“Around here we’re always on the go. We don’t need caffeine bringing us down!” Name that commercial?

Splash, out.

On the Third Day

Glass on Porch Ledge


This is the picture which brought me to cancel out my 365project.org account.

What a completely awesome shot this is going to be.”

Fizzy mineral water catching the sun, against the dramatically smooth bokeh provided by the 200mm zoom and the mossy backdrop.

What a headache.

So, when I have a moment I’ll have to revisit that project. Until then…

Splash, out.

Fr. Kenneth Allen