St. Joan of Arc

From the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913: Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc), Blessed, by her contemporaries commonly known as la Pucelle (the Maid); b. at Domremy in Champagne, probably on 6 January, 1412; d. at Rouen, 30 May, 1431. The village of Domremy lay upon the confines of territory which recognized the suzerainty of the Duke [...]

I am always fascinated by the Venerable Bede. A part of that is simply that I don’t know that much about him, aside from the basics, being a student of music and theology, rather than history. What a simple life this man led… prayer, reading Scripture, writing. I’ve read that this hymn which he composed [...]

Recently we changed our Mass schedule here at St. Jane, and added a Mass at 12 Noon. The Mass we added is in the Extraordinary Form, otherwise known as the Latin Mass. It’s really been met with sheer delight in some quarters, and sheer horror in others. What can I say? When the Lord asks [...]

The Synod goes on in Rome. And I join all of you in praying for it! Last year for the Synod of the Family, I made this pic describing how it came across in the daily blurbs. I know, forgive, me, but… it was mighty fitting, you must admit. I don’t have a lot to [...]

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