Who am I kidding? I “recently retired my website” my earlobes.

Ben Franklin’s Rules of Personal Finance, is just what it implies. And it’s very good advice (obviously.)

Non-Native Native Art is, well this is just what it implies also. Web names have taken on a whole new trend in becoming exactly what they mean. Not that there was never not a trend towards that. But there wasn’t. Was there? Whatever, it’s a fun site.

Medjugorje Documents is a collection of documents from the Diocese of Mostrar relating to the Medjugorje phenomena.

Medjugorje with a Mask is another collection of documents which examine the Medjugorje phenomena more closely.

And that’s that for these links, which have been sitting open on my desktop until I locate them somewhere. And I am entirely more likely to find them here than anywhere else! Hence the return of the weblog…

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  1. Thank you Father for your ministry. May God bless you and may you be an instrument for Him! I just wanted to let you know that I am a convert to Catholicism. After 30 years of being an agnostic, not knowing if God even existed, I begrudgingly took a trip to Medjugorje in 2007 and it changed my life. I’ve read the websites you posted. Unfortunately, they do not address the real miracles that are happening there, which are conversions by the thousands and vocations by the hundreds. I thank God every day for Medjugorje. It was the doorway that led me into God’s beautiful mansion where I’ve developed a personal relationship with Christ. Praise be Jesus and Mary. God bless. Peace.

    • Tim thanks for the comment, and praise God for your Faith and conversion! I understand that many, many people consider the events at Medjugorje to be true. However, what the Bishop of Mostar has to say in the matter is well worth taking into consideration also. His opinion matters, a lot. I think that when many people are gathered together in prayer, with regular Confession, and Eucharistic adoration, great things can and will happen. And Medjugorje is a demonstration of that, and of that fact that God can and will use all means to gather his children together. While I am skeptical of the events happening there, and I don’t believe in them, I’m not God and am not arguing what the Faithful should be doing in their private devotions. God bless!

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