Julia of Corsica

Julia of Corsica

“My liberty is the service of Christ, whom I serve every day with a pure mind. As for that error of yours, I not only do not venerate it, I detest it.”

St. Julia of Corsica

I’ve been fascinated with Julia of Corsica for an entire day now. When you’re praying for the guidance of the saints and one jumps out saying hello, why not look a bit further?

She was born in the 5th Century to a noble family in Carthage, and when the city was captured she was sold into slavery! Can you imagine having a good, no-doubt great upbringing in the Faith, with a no-doubt elegant life, then being sold as a slave? She remained strong in the Faith and in her noble character, denouncing the error of the enemy, refusing to worship false idols, and being put to death by crucifixion.

I wonder if she could have ever imagined I might be sitting here typing away so freely about her as she enjoyed the beatific vision. I wonder if she’s had her eye on me, wanting to assist me in my Faith life and in my work.

She’s patroness of those who suffer torture, as in slavery, trafficking. Those in torture due to addictions and the desires of the flesh and of the world, also invoke her aid in a special way. And – her last words decry error.

Trafficking, slavery, addiction, error… Now where have I encountered all of that before? #theresnoplacelikehome

St. Julia, pray for us. And thank you for your Faith, your aid, and your example.


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More Covid-19. Stay safe.

A brief schedule for the weekend.

  • Saturday 8AM, Fr Charles will live stream Mass.
  • Sunday morning –
  • 8AM EF Mass in St. Jane
  • 10AM OF Mass in St. Jane
  • 12 Noon – St. Jane Church will open for the day
  • it will be disinfected prior to Masses, and prior to opening
  • Confessions 3-5 Tuesday
  • Confessions 3-5 Friday
  • Churches are being seen as vectors for the virus as it remains on hard surfaces and the idea is being floated about at large for sections to be cordoned off and sanitized hourly.
  • Please simply clean up as you go, and clean up before and after yourself. It’s not fair, but nothing in life is.
Palm Sunday

If you drop off Palms, please clean the bottom with a sturdy pair of scissors so that the palms can be handled simply. The Palms will be blessed and left in the church for everyone to pick up.

Masses during Holy Week and Easter will be live-streamed. Both Fr Charles and I don’t agree with the entire concept of live-streaming private Masses, but we do understand the need to do so. Remember though, a Homily isn’t given at a private Mass. We can give reflections outside of the Mass.

No Word yet on when this will let up.

Yes, almost everyone is wishing they could come in for a private Mass. And almost everyone is wanting us to do more in every way shape or form. We’ve decided to focus more on prayer, YouTube over Facebook, and not worrying about harsh critics. It’s possible to never stop, to simply die of fatigue and exhaustion. Who does that help?



Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen

When I think upon the doxology I think upon many things.

The Trinity is a mysterious revelation; Father, Son, Holy Spirit, a community of divine persons so richly complex and unfathomable that I’m humbled merely contemplating them.

Then too come the whole idea of a personal God, a God of three persons. I had lived my life after ‘growing up’, so often trying to transcend everything, trying to thinking of God as an abstract energy in the universe running through all things…. that God has a personal nature, and reaches out to me specifically in a broken world still humbles me. It’s hard to accept sometimes, and gives me pause.

Created in the image and likeness of God, we are called also to communion of persons. So I often find myself in this short prayer that I often say throughout the day, thinking of all the people that I know, that I have known.

I think about my parents who have gone before me, my grandparents. I think about my immediate family and our ongoing dramas. I think about my friends and loved ones and wonder about how they are doing. I think about my enemies, the ‘hands of all who hate us’ (because let’s face it, not everyone gets along in the world…)holy_trinity

I think upon all of those people, and of those who’ve gone before and of those who will come after and how we are all somehow interconnected as children of God, as unique and beautiful creations more marvelous than the lilies of the field, created little lower than the angels, whose nature now sits at the right hand of God himself. And that’s a very beautiful image of all of humanity, struggling as it were through darkness and through light.

I think of all those others during the last part of the prayer especially; “as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever, world without end.”

Looking around the world and seeing the sun rise and set, feeling the wind, noting how beautiful all things are, all of the problems of life fade away, even momentarily. All of this has existed for ages, it will exist for ages… God was the same then, God will be the same in the future, God is the same now.

And it boils down to ‘Now’. God is a communion of persons, and in all of the created glory of the universe every moment is created to be filled with His glory. All persons throughout history can share in the glory that is always present, always given in every moment, every day, throughout all of eternity.

God is reaching out in a personal way to me, calling me to forgiveness and to repentance, calling me to love, calling me to at least try to live for the glory of eternity. God is calling out to all of us in a manner filled with a deep and personal love beyond description.

Praying the Doxology I am rooted in time and in space, connected to past and to future, becoming an anchor of God’s love wherever I am, reaching out to my Creator for understanding, knowledge, wisdom, strength, joy…

No wonder it takes me so long to get through my prayers.

Year for Priests Revisited

More on the Year for Priests: Some events. A beautiful Icon, seen here.


It’s going to be interesting to see what this will do for Priests. Will it renew the hearts of those who have struggled, or who want to leave so badly?

Will it soften the hearts of the cold blooded ladder climbers who ingratiate themselves to the hierarchy?

When entered into sincerely, no matter how we feel or what our experience of it is, prayer will transform us for the better. So… one would only hope to enter into the Year for Priests with a sincere, humble, and prayerful heart.

At Eastertide

I always love visiting Holy Hill

This year after the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper, there was a huge fire out the window.   Come to find out it was a planned fire to help the fields. 








It’s an imposing facade, and the National Shrine of Our Lady Help of Christians.







 On Easter Sunday, lots of car blessings going around…

Car Blessing

And the crowds flowed freely….


It’ a big place…

A huge complex.

And it’s a wonderful place to pray.