Outtakes from Livestream Living

There’s a reason the Lord didn’t call me to broadcast journalism and it needs no explanation. So how I ended up making videos is a subject of vast, deep, unknowingness. It’s what one does these days as a Priest.

I consider that a reason I’m not called to do it, yet have to do it anyway, is that on some level it will help the faithful to realize that the entire COVID nightmare is just temporary.

Always leave them wanting more, I tell you. But here’s another, just in case you like to have one.

Always leave them thankful you’re leaving, is what I say. Or, that you’re not recording much.

Or something.

It keeps me out of trouble in these uncertain times.

I pray everyone is safe and sane and remember all of you at Mass, where we shall surely all meet again in the not too distant future.


Paint All the Things

Parking Lot Restriping

With the rise of Coronavirus lockdowns has also arisen the time to get projects done while no one is around. Hence the re-striping of the parking lots!

Cleaned, getting prepared for painting.

By the time people return in numbers greater than ten, we’ll have the place shiny as a brand new dime, and spinning like a top once again. In the meantime I’ll be re-examining my use of similes and colloquial phrases.


The Live-stream Chronicles.

Live-streaming is, as with anything one does often, ultimately very easy. It’s that learning curve when it’s 2 minutes before Mass starts and nothing’s working, or the sound goes awry, and every other concern that one just has to let go of until you reach that point where you just plop down the camera, hit record and then pray.

Eventually you learn to check the batteries in everything beforehand!

We’re re-opening everything slowly starting May15, 2020. So until then we’ll be live-streaming Masses with only ten people allowed in.

If you have any questions, the answer at this point is that I don’t know. But we’ll know it all by tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


Out of the Fog

out of the fog

Things change daily, hourly, minutely these days, but so far here is what we’re working with.

We’ll see how it evolves, but most people are quite honestly with fine staying home.

The plan is to have Priest plus 9. Altar servers family may come – up to 9 – then it is open for Parish, and people are handling requests via phone and internet. 

Our Daily Mass schedule is returning to normal so that people have a sense of normalcy. We’re having First Friday Adoration and Confessions. Also First Saturday Masses at 8 and 10 AM. 

Sunday Masses will remain at 8 and 10 until the weekend after the 15th. 

So far that’s what we’re working with


Fr. Kenneth Allen